Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I am angry

picture source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/375909900132216550/

 ......at myself, for not saying what I think, what I feel, what I know, for censoring everything I do to please others, for being what society wants me to be, for the injustices in the world, the labels, the seekers of labels, the ignorant, I am angry at the world for creating all these broken people, I am angry for feeling broken myself, I am angry for all my stupid deeds, and I am tired of being tired, tired of feeling purposeless, aimless wandering through each day, I am angry at being judged, at every doubt I feed myself, for every time I step back instead of smashing through the barrier of control imposed by other people, I’m angry at the passage of time, at my traitorous heart, my sinful flesh, I am angry for accepting every hurt along the way which brought me to this point, I am angry ‘cause you do not even try to listen to me, that you dispel harmony and pleasure with criticism, doubt, ignorance and your own fears, I have something to offer, I have something to contribute, I am good enough, I am worthy of respect and love, and if you don’t trust me, that is fine, trust is earned after all, not given.


  1. There is a lot to be angry at these days if we can't find our peace.

  2. Awesome, awesome read, friend Shadow ... prolly the best of yours ever ... and I fully agree ... U nose what? ... smiles ... I am 62 now, and the older I get, the more self assured I become in what I think and what I do ... and I like it ... smiles ... Thank you for writing this ... Love you, cat.

  3. Good to let 'anger out' in a creative way ~ great photo ~ You are most worthy ~ sending lots of distant reiki healing hugs,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Anger is a real emotion and sometimes one needs to vent. Try and turn the anger into positive energy and release yourself from what holds your soul down.

    Wishing you peace and calm...

  5. ...and this anger pray tell dear friend what good has it done you? Being angry at the construct of this culture of humanity never changes it, it changes you. I spent many decades angry as a motherfucker at everything, sometimes it was fun to have so much anger. I pushed me to places I never knew, gave me freedom to speak in place and out of turn.

    I am older now, my anger is well subsumed by my desire for solitude. I may not be as productive as I once was but today I have no reason to be angry at I or any other. Gray hair has a way of taking the rage away.

    Be Well and angry while you're young yet my love is yours.