Sunday, April 29, 2018

Moonlight's magick

It’s at 3am she awakens when he murmurs her name while he sleeps
in his dream he reaches through the stars touches her as the moonlight creeps
‘cross her eyes seeking out the nightly sun gifted those the daylight can’t reach
she stretches her limbs she can feel his eyes feel the fire only his hands can bring.

At dawn the eagle’s eyes are sharp, now become real what once was a game
a twitch in his heart urges him to flight, find the spirit that won’t be tamed
to each other is all what was promised them, to live free to them was ordained
he can hear her breath, he can smell her scent, she's callings the name she cannot forget.


  1. That's beautiful.
    And now I wonder if I've ever said my wife's name in my sleep...

  2. Oooo La La, friend Shadow ... smiles ... Je t'aime ... remember that song? Love, cat.

  3. 3:00 am has always been a magical time for me as that is when the veil is thinnest and my soul awakens to inner longings.