Saturday, June 16, 2018

I cannot, I will not, I won't

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I see the dirt and I see the stains,
the cracks run deep through poisoned veins,
the marks of a broken nation in disgrace,
graffitied on the walls, tattooed on your face,
and I shudder, I turn and I run, and run, and run…
I cannot, I will not, be one and the same,
I don’t stand for you, I won’t play your game,
I’m not enrolling, I won’t play the part,
I’ll live all alone but I’ll be true to my heart,
I will not pretend, I’m sick of the motions,
I'll live off fresh air and fresh herbal potions,
but be a slave on the hamster wheel,
that I won’t be, I can think, I can feel.


  1. I see two fists clenched tight, standing firm. I love it.

  2. Agreed, friend Shadow … Much love, cat.

  3. No one wants to be enslaved by anything or anyone.

  4. Enough of the games. Time to stand up for true love or nothing at all...
    Love the poem...

    peace and love

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is wot i say wen mama and dada try to tayk me to the vetnameez playse!!! but i always seem to end up going ennyway!!! ok bye

  6. I can think, I can feel - raw real’s the feeling that hurts most of all..

    If you have a choice free yourself ...

  7. very interesting, a dark subject matter and yet some playfulness in the rhyming scheme