Thursday, July 12, 2018


How I feel is
not the answer
picture source:
to the dreams I have within,
what I’m saying
is denying
what is written on my skin.

So I ask you
do you know how
I can reach this place for me,
or is all I
have before me
that what is for me to be?

I have pow’r and
passion raging
deep within my darkest soul,
can’t be held back
why repress this
it is I who’d be the fool!

Let me fly now
through the heavens
freed, unfettered, ‘s meant to be,
if you'd like to
you can come too
live a lie’s not right for me.


  1. Don't hold back from what you were meant to be...

  2. Sometimes one need to fly, take in a new perspective ...

    Passion is a force that seems to be untamed, it must be set free...

  3. Reminds me of one of my recurring dreams … I call it The Boat Dream … Anyway, friend Shadow … Love you much, hmmm? Always, cat.

  4. Filled with so much energy flowing! I'd be there in a flash. (Wishing we had a cold and rainy forecast like you!)