Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday at midnight

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This Friday all the 80’s rock songs were telling me how hard it is to live without you,
endless empty nights by myself, staring out the window as life passes me by……
endless are the black clouds storming over the horizon heading my way,
blazing are the bolts of lightning staring me in the eye, telling me things…
willful destruction with every dirty memory trawled from my deepest self,
death is preferable to a desolate, empty, meaningless existence without you.


  1. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i do not no wot is happening rite at midnite but dada sez that after midnite we ar going to let it all hang owt!!! altho i am pritty shoor that after midnite he is in fakt going to be asleep!!! ha ha ok bye

  2. Shadow, I can feel the pain it is love so deep can indeed leave one feeling empty.

  3. There is no safe love. It gets harder to brave to love again with each loss. {-(

  4. Geeeeeze, get over it. find a life and enjoy it.