Tuesday, March 19, 2019


In this dusk I wish to be the breeze
drifting through fragrant gardens,
past crickets and frogs, faeries and mushrooms,
through mossy ferns and pine tree trunks,
then dive off the cliff in a rush of air
towards the rocks and roiling currents
rising just before I touch the water
as the mist swirling in from the sea,

in this dusk I wish to be the sigh
escaping your lips when I sink into your arms,
a cool breath in your neck, are those goose bumps?
I shiver, the uncontrolled surrender to the night
and its needs racing over our skin, a searing heat,
forcing us to let go of this world
and relinquish our hold on sanity for a while.

picture source: https://photogrist.com/surreal-manipulations-kyle-kerr/


  1. Interesting comparison - both are breath of passion.

  2. "I wish to be the sigh escaping your lips"....simply beautiful Shadow!

  3. I once had an experience similar to this desire of your Shadow. There was this yellow belladonna and a pier in Key West involved..it was good.

  4. Charlee: "Crickets and frogs and faeries and mushrooms?"
    Chaplin: "Sign us up! Except for the mushrooms, I mean ..."

  5. A romantic gusting moment of love.... Lovely poem ....

    peace and love