Friday, March 15, 2019

I need...

I need to let lose my hair and run wild in a place where no-one knows my name, I need to be alongside someone who stands strong and has the desire to run this path to the end with me, I want days to be nights, and nights to be a carousel of creating, discovering, learning, observing, the motion of the dark and the shadows, the rhythm of the waxing and waning moon, the energy of spirits and trees, I need to let out what is locked inside, has been for so very, very long……


  1. Charlee: "Sounds like you need to let loose your inner tiger."
    Chaplin: "We can probably help with that."
    Charlee: "First, you have to roar. Like this." *meows*
    Chaplin: "Hmm, let us work on that and we'll get back to you ..."

  2. There is no trouble more worthy of resolution than needs unfilled. I am all for hairless nude running wild in the lands of the free.