Friday, January 17, 2020

What happened to the world

What happened to the world where the young respected the old,
where the migrant moulded to the settled,
where the existing was treated with deference?

I have no more patience for the cries from the weak,
demanding respect and tolerance,
outraged, when the abnormal is treated as such,
where the choice of who and what we associate with is no longer ours,
and our words are strangled before we can utter them.

I have no more tolerance for those who beg out due to their own inefficiencies,
who need to be treated with kid gloves lest they are triggered by the inconsequential.
The world is harsh. Treating the weaker as equals, has created a society
where abnormal is normal and right is wrong.
When differences were a choice made by the strong,
it led to a better existence, with stronger, healthier, happier people.

Instead, the incapable dominate by sheer noise and pushy brusqueness,
pointing fingers at the outside world instead of back into themselves.
How can you hope to become strong and independent if you keep hiding behind a label,
a safe space, bowing out instead of manning up, expecting the majority to tiptoe around the minority lest we inadvertently trip them up to melt down into a worthless puddles of fast evaporating water in the heat of the midday sun.

When did strong and capable become the undesirable?
When did being balanced and healthy become a threat?
When did normal become an aberration, something to be avoid, downplayed, even hidden?
When did I start censoring my own opinions and beliefs?
Who has handed the power over to the weak?
Have I passed over into another world?


  1. Very well said! I can't add anything except I agree - and wonder how it all slowly changed.

  2. Two words--fuck 'em. I would rather isolate them away from me than bow to the puckish refrain of "you hurt my feelings" or "you had privilege."

    I was naked when I cam to this place and wove my own damn clothes without help. I may not be pretty but I was rarely naked.

  3. Excellent observations, friend Shadow … Let's change things:) … Let's start simple:) … Let's start with a smile:) Love, cat.

  4. Beautiful.

    Here's my take. When the president of the U.S. talks about women and minorities in such a disparaging way, when his supporters are rude and violent, when the world is moving toward a more right wing view, the rest of us are left gasping in the dust. And that's the short version.

  5. Patience is a virtue … Be patient with yourself and others … We are all in this together … until not ... smiles … Love, cat.

  6. I had to read this twice to make sure I got what you are saying. The world is full of followers and with the right marketing they are willing to follow a movement right off a cliff. Money pays for the marketing so whoever has it wins.

    It is only when people get outraged that we start to fight back.

  7. It's called progress. But the awakening is coming...

    peace and love

  8. I can relate to it on a deeper level. You have given appropriate words to what I keep pondering. Thanks!