Wednesday, March 25, 2020


There was a time people locked themselves into their houses
because the sick were lining the streets, dying,
today we hide in our homes when we have yet to see an ill person.
Is this fear innate programming, used by the supremely wicked
to manipulate us into subservient beings, free only to do their bidding?
Will society be ruled by laws removing every vestige of freedom, joy and light
which too is innate in our being?
Does our joy and light pain our masters so, them, who are riddled with greed
and a hunger for power and possessions, that empty void they never can fill
and they know it. So they will destroy all that is good, that is love, that is light
to live in eternal darkness and damnation, because, believe me, justice will prevail,
if not on this plane then in the next, and that is a fact, that is what I believe!


  1. Is it overkill? Or not enough? Or do some people just need to be told because they can't make the right decision on their own? Very weird time and no one has the answers.

  2. I am considering this a spiritual correction that even though it is painful we are being forced to sit with fears and sometimes our loved ones without the normal distraction. This is a good thing to get comfortable be alone with our thoughts. What is done is done so we need to make the best of it. The damage has been done so find some inner peace and know that this too shall pass.

  3. Personally I think them that worry me the most are those that diminish the need for isolation. The Denier in Chief in the US has set us on the path of most massive death toll in the world.

    Trust but verify doesn't really work in this case because the verification is measured in the number of the dead.

  4. Lulu: "Mama and Dada are home, like, all the time right now. We're not sure what's going on but we like it. Lots of cuddle time."
    Charlee: "I get to spend hours in Dada's lap!"
    Chaplin: "I wish they would go somewhere. Having them around all the time is really crimping my style."