Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The biggest trick of all time

This is not right, no-one can tell me this is right,
looking over your shoulder to see who is around,
who is watching, who is friend, who is foe,
the fear-ridden snitching on their own neighbour
in the name of everyone’s wellbeing???
Who needs police and prison wardens
when you convince the majority at large
of a threat so great they would betray their own brother
to ensure every living soul locks themselves up voluntarily,
in self-imposed isolation, to ward off an enemy
as real as the Emperor’s new coat?
Yes, there is an enemy, a very real threat,
and when the puff of smoke from this magic trick evaporates,
you will find yourself in a world of unimaginable ruin and destruction
in which few will be free from the dominance of the darkness,
in which few will be free to wage the ultimate battle long foretold.
Or are there more than the few that we think?


  1. Really hope it's not that bad when this is over!

  2. Interesting. I am not sure whether you this is about the whole thing being hoax or not. I do get the end where when we wake up all will be change forever and no one will feel comfortable in a crowd of any kind. Just like 9/11 we will be forever changed and worrying about shoe bombers and not being able to carry shampoo on vacation. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Personally shadow I think it is imperative to isolate. It is science not some half baked conspiracy (although with Trump wtfk).

    Will we be different/changed? Probably but them who are willing to call the police on their neighbors are the same ones who were doing it pre-pandemic and will be doing it post pandemic.

    There is a perspective to this hot mess that comes with age and what was experienced growing up. I think the psychology of isolation is rooted in childhood and though it can make one freeze it is also an opportunity to go within and evaluate the position without fear.

    Be well my dear friend. contact me if you need communication. do you still have the email?