Sunday, April 12, 2020


It’s hindersome, this inward way when the outwards one is restricted,
raises the kinds of thoughts usually dismissed by that e-mail or phone call,
no distractions has freed the mind, filling it with the normal and the wayward,
into the mystical and fantastical, into the dreamy, and into hell,
and it’s tiresome, this battle to keep the darkness in its rightful position,
it’s downright impossible those times I cannot help but let the tears flow,
when a song I loved, a song about love and life, sunshine and movement,
highlights this current state of isolation we find ourselves in.
Yesterday I drove the pass on our doorstep at the proper speed deemed for my car
because I could, there was no one, not another car, not a moving creature, nothing,
four lanes of emptiness... and that’s how the chambers of my heart feel right now, empty.


  1. You really should move to Detroit Shadow. In the ghetto here few are listening to the stay at home/isolate order. The party goes on and on and the liquor stores and marijuana distributors are doing a booming business.

    The first day it was much like you described here--by the second day the shit was on! Face masks are worn only as a fashion statement--ya know around the neck or pushed back on the top of the head.

    As long as they do not hack up a lung on my fence or come within 10 feet of the property line I believe I need do nothing other than let Darwinism do its work.

    Be well and safe--by the by I am on Fb if you are the same hit me up.

  2. Charlee: "Four lanes of emptiness ... Dada says yep that describes the freeways out here right now."
    Chaplin: "He just wishes he had somewhere to go so that he could take advantage of them!"