Thursday, September 16, 2021

Dream a dream


If you could dream a dream within this dream

would you dream yourself young, wild and free

of inhibitions, rules, constraints, reticence,

with a solid faith alive and knowing what is right,

what is wrong, what to follow, what to let go,

free-flowing on exuberance, love and laughter,

dancing to the song sung by your lovers lips

over the flames of the fire burning high,

under stars celebrating the return of goodness

to this plane, freedom and peace reigning supreme,

without leaders, without laws, with respect, with understanding,

so that I may lay claim to the other life that was destined for me.




  1. One day we will see that final destination and shake what plagues us here.

  2. I am 67 Shadow, the days when i dreamed of being young and wise escaped me. They rode faster than I could follow. Now I dream of losing 20 pounds and wonder when I can have an ice cream...we live in a dichotomy.