Friday, November 5, 2021

The 5th of November



I’m free-flowing with old rock,

the drums and easy living hypnotic and it captures

my imagination in the ways of old,

awakens that drive, the passion to break every restriction,

follow the beat of your heart and the direction of your footfalls

into the darkening Friday night waiting…


Close your eyes and see the colours float through the air,

colourful strands of music teasing and tasting,

enticing you to move your limbs however they need,

however they want, toward whatever may happen,

wherever that may be,

it invites your sense of youth, of love, of excitement,

dripping with the desire to live, live fully and wholly and exclusively

to your truth, your being, your longings

and drag away this captured 55-year old woman

from the midst of an invisible war, where every fairy tale has proven true

and every news cast is fabrication and indoctrination.


Damn you! Damn you for stealing dreams, hope, joy, pleasure,

damn you for hurting children! Damn you for hurting animals!

Damn you for thinking you have to right to abuse and kill at your whim!

Damn you for always hovering at the edge of escape

but tonight? Tonight you are going to have to take 2nd seat

for I plan to be, to feel, to do, just that which I desire to,

it is the 5th of November…...



1 comment:

  1. More people need to do that.
    With everything happening, surprised someone didn't do something crazy for the Fifth of November.