Friday, June 3, 2022

Time of Transition


We are so full of triggers

full of learned behaviour,

is it even possible to undo it all?

Every day I go about

catching myself ere I speak without thought,

I look with scepticism at every rule,

I question the steps I’ve been taught

and very little stands up to scrutiny now,

I was filled with horror, fear, shock, anger,

entertained thoughts of vengeance and war

but this war was already waging,


It is said, we need to reach the bottom

before we can rise,

we have to face every fear,

we have to realise ourselves

as sovereign, autonomous beings,

we have to recognise

we are from here, from this earth,

we do nOt need to fit in, belong, conform,

we have our place, we are perfect, whole, free souls,

meant to wander freely as we desire,

with respect to nature, to mother earth,

live with the sun and the moon,

live with the seasons,

and we will be filled with light,

rewarded with love,

live in peace and joy……


  1. What we are meant to be is often forged in fire and tribulation. Stay the course and soon enough there is no fire, beyond light and warmth worth fleeing.

  2. A time of transition - life is always about transition we transition internally and externally. The journey is complex as we try to transition from the past to present. Fear and triggers will always hold one captive, it's a strong force but, I prefer to move forward looking for light, peace and true love. The future is uncertain, we must live in the "now".

    wishing you a peaceful transition in which ever realm you dare to travel.