Tuesday, October 18, 2022

You are safe




Can you feel the hand that is holding you,
close your eyes, feel your breath, feel the light
that’s within you, yes, within.
When the gentle giants of the seas
show their presence to you, it’s your light to which they respond,
the butterflies dancing in the morning breeze,
the owl bidding you good night,
the leaf in the shape of a heart at your feet,
that’s your light drawing them near.
You are loved, you are safe, you are immortal,
you have a soul that never dies,
that has travelled across time, across dimensions,
ever present and wakeful inside,
holding knowledge and wisdom you’ve been taught to disregard.
Do not shun the visions your spirit sees, do not believe every written word,
instead believe the magic and dreams that are bubbling in you,
aching to be embodied in your daily life, in the creation of your purpose,
to live life, joyfully, in peace, in nature, in energetic harmony
with all the living beings sharing your life, your surroundings, you.
Sitting with your back against a tree is the purest bliss,
being one with the birds, the breeze, the swaying branches
overhead, that’s when the song in you awakens,
when your body wants to dance and your mind is enchanted
by the stories you’ve been told as a child.
Go back to that time and pick up your self,
disregard the teachings of duplicitous teachers, schools,
parents that were caught in the cycle of fear,
of duty, of responsibility, of societal norms,
shake it off, stop the cycle! free the bonds, cut the ties
enslaving you in a routine of slow self-destruction,
promising you worldly gain but dumping your soul
in a dark abyss from which you cannot escape…
Dream, I ask you, dream freely,
in time your stagnant soul will awaken to your inner knowing,
you are not meant to be a slave to another,
you are not meant to ingest food processed by another,
you are not meant to fear fresh air, sunshine, the presence of your fellow man,
you have been led astray by an evil that is hard to comprehend
as your soul can feel the suffering, the pain, the hurt.
Make it stop, come out from behind the veil of deception,
face what is before you and only what is before you,
let your love infuse everything you touch every day,
every word you say, every thought you think, every deed.
See the light grow forth, reaching into the shadows,
to the ears of those struggling to comprehend,
let your steps leave behind warmth, kindness, understanding,
be the reason for the smile on a strangers face,
be the spark of hope that is threatening extinction,
be the warmth in the heartfelt hug of one denied touch.
In the cave I feared to enter I found light in the abyss,
through the wafting incense and tinkling bells
I saw the thread connecting all and everything,
with the rhythmic beating drums and choir of angel voices
I was held in awe, and the dam inside me burst open,
a flood of past hurts poured forth, released me from invisible bonds,
freed me from conditioned thinking, showed me the magic that exists
and I was left trembling with gratitude, relief and ecstasy.
I began to smile through my tears as the puzzle pieces fell,
changing my world, my perceptions, my knowledge into knowing,
and I was a child again, I danced, I sang, hesitantly at first,
growing stronger with the elation surging through my veins,
Free! Free! For the first time in too many years,
and my ancestors sighed, my descendants smiled,
released from the vicious cycle forced onto humanity.

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