Friday, January 7, 2011

It's time to go home...

The road stretches out, endlessly, a golden mile too far,
that the thought of moving forward
is as appealing as yesterday’s feast,
congealed and encrusted in the sink,
the remains now lying rotten at the pit of your stomach
in the breaking dawn.
For your soul is just too scarred
to see the beauty of the mountain range hovering on the horizon,
and the wounds too raw to appreciate
the fresh sea air drifting just past their peak.
And by a force not your own,
you slow down, come to a halt
at the roadside at the edge of tall waving grass.
You open the door,
not bothering to close it behind you,
and start walking into the wilderness.
Slowly, tentatively at first,
then your steps start to quicken.
Faster and faster.
Each stride longer than the last
as you try to outrun
all the thoughts whirling in your head,
to leave behind the memories,
the words that still echo in your ear,
the touch of the hand that's still warm on your back,
and the tears that flowed freely down your cheeks,
as recently as today.
And you come to halt at the furiously flowing river.
You stare at the torrent and the angry rushing water,
and you wonder if you'll take that step,
into the maelstrom of oblivion.
To bring an end to the infinite torture your mind has subjected you to,
induced by the realisation
that that which you’ve lived
was the design of another’s creation,
and you were just along for the ride,
while they operated the controls.
You were but a puppet
at the hands of the master of manipulation and deception,
which you were too naïve,
too gullible,
too trusting
to see.
And the thought of redeeming their soul
and to carry on is just too much to bear,
too much to put behind,
so you take that step into the yielding, ice-cold mud
as the wind tears at your hair
and the skies cry with you
and you wait for the current
to lay claim to your soul,
as you welcome the coming silence.
It’s time to go home…

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  1. I see your words in the picture,..
    beautifully written, The discriptions made me feel like I was falling into it..

  2. I suddenly feel like I'm in the mind of the suicidal (and I hope that is not you)..which coincidentally reminds me of a line I read in a book about those who commit the act...

    the dialogue in it goes:

    "Did it work? Did dying finally make them happy or at peace?"

    the other man replied, "Sadly, no. it does not. You see, the problem lies in the fact that wherever you go- you take yourself with you."

  3. Wow. This piece was amazing and I found myself being the main character of this poem.

  4. only you....

    can take my breath away, still my heart, create angst and anticipation

    as to what waits

    on the other side....

    just beautiful. beautiful, sad and oh-so-very powerful.

  5. Shadow - wow you nail all those feelings of deceit, rejection. Those tears from a broken heart can't be damned up no matter and the course sadly for some is the end - tho in one regard it is an end either way. An end of love.

    Powerful - thanks for the visits they make my day!!!

  6. Letting go of a dream not shared by another is painful. The beauty of your writing captures that pain. One day new dreams will take the place of the pain.

  7. These are definitely some raw emotions. I resonated with so much of this piece.

    So great to read you again, Shadow!

  8. I am on the same page with Moonie, you so hit on those feelings of deceit and dejection. Amazing talent. Simply amazing.

  9. a very passionate tale of sorrow. so well written. could not expect less from such a marvelous person

  10. i feel your poem deeply...ironically i am on my home today...

  11. I often try to go back to where I came from, a place that is different (not the actual place I emerged from. So it's different but the same.

    however only part of me fits

    good to read you posting more regularly

  12. This is the tale of my past life told in such beautiful prose and with such amazing wonderment, I hope you know how much I adore you and your sustains and feeds my soul.

  13. Very powerfully written.
    Home is where the heart is not the body

  14. its sad its touching its perfect in describing how i feel

  15. This is touching - albeit, sad and raw. I've been there..some days still am.

  16. this is a very moving piece, all comments are well deserved. interesting, I wrote a new piece on silence just today.

    have a wonderful weekend

  17. I passionately believe that we are not meant to give up.

  18. I'm humbled by this beautifully written piece. You said ti much better than Tom Wolfe did, sorry, Tom!

  19. Dear Shadow:
    As always, leave me with the spinning head. I love your delicate duality to write. Suggestive, multifaceted, enigmatic. I deeply admire your work.
    Warm greetings:

  20. Well, that is one way to make a change and get away from pain and deception. However, another way would be to kick the liar out and take some time to heal and then get on with a new and better life. Just me, but I chose the second way. Very good writing, so good in fact, it brought back some old feelings.

  21. Shadow, I loved this piece. It read to me like a stream-of-consciousness... freeflowing and smooth. Beautiful!


  22. Now i think is the true season of our discontent. And that more are starting to ring a bell for the what the cost of freedom is.

    Nicely done Shadow, very nicely scored and played. Find your battles and fight them.


  23. Oh my's like I was there...the icy mud enshrouding ME!! Whoa, Shadow, you simply MUST get your work published!!! I call dibs on the first book of Shadow off the presses too!!!!

    Wow....just plain wow!

  24. Somehow the image gives a subtle twist to the poem.

  25. so much trust within the anxiety...true courage.

  26. again I find your kind words at my place and i just has to say

    Thank You

  27. Wow, Shadow!

    That was some powerful imagery and words. Your words ring in my ears a sweet, yet strong chime. The power of your piece shows that you have some strong emotions of going home and I can feel it too...the calling of our homes.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog lately. Your comments are always appreciated and write on!

  28. Dear Shadow:
    I like your words, your frankness and your kindness. You has become a very special person in my horizon.

  29. There are times that I have felt like walking into the wilderness. But I would still take me along on that journey. Best for me to face the fears and the demons and know myself.

  30. WOW, that's terrifying from the perspective I read it.

  31. How come she is so weak?
    Why all that negative appreciation of all she's done a falilure...
    Too bad to go home at one's will...

  32. A poem that steals my breath Shadow. Very powerful dear. Blessings to you.

  33. I'll go with you on this trip anytime...

  34. You're an amazing writer...

    I'm counting days on my blog Follow me or check it out.


  35. Shadow
    so many puppet masters
    so little self
    a current and quiet will do just

  36. Oh Shadow, I so wish I could express myself in words the way you do, but darlin' sometimes what you write is so sad....the truth is we have just about all been down in that place with the things that others put us through, maybe if we read stuff like you write, it can help to make us stop and take a look of what we do to others too, and not just the other way around.

  37. i drowned in this ... thank you