Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On the Eve of the New Moon

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My soul is caught in yesterday’s dream
on the eve of the breaking new moon.
I sit in the park once lush with lawns,
now dried up and dusty with weeds and thorns,
and wonder what’s happened to the petals strewn,
when their sight, once loved, turns to scorn.


  1. happens to more than just petals, huh?!

  2. mmm heavy feeling toward the end there...what once was beauty is now in scorn...great use of imagery to set the tone as well...

  3. Yep, junkyards are full of rusty old heaps that were once somebody's pride and joy. So it is with everything in a world always waitin for the next big thing.
    Deep dark write, shads

  4. Some times those dreams from yesterday can be a safe haven..... hugs.

  5. Words well put together, and as I read this, my thought went to the title of a song: "Darling, I am growing older...."

    Verena, the "I" word is really "we" but I cannot yet see you as "growing older".


  6. It's fall here and yet there is beauty even in the falling leaves.