Friday, November 9, 2012


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It was a day like any other, but it was the day that she chose,
to lift the anchors in her life without ties.
The St. Christopher glinted around her neck, reflecting a light,
hers to own, if she chose to look through windows
untouched by layers of grime.
With a passion she delved into cupboards and trunks
overflowing with mementos that brought both pleasure and pain.
At first hesitantly, then recklessly, she tossed out papers, crumpled with age,
faded images of faces bleached by years in the sun.
At times she felt a stab of pain, just like the hope that was crushed
as those dreams disintegrated,
while others she recognised as the stop at the door
that prevented it from closing all these years.
Tears flowed freely as she threw them all away,
yet the tears were those of relief.
For finally she had space, space for new things,
as the final goodbyes were said,
granting her the freedom from the bounds that have halted
her passage forward in life …


  1. Happy happy, birthday, V!
    Oh yeah, baby, to finally empty that bag we've been carrying so long. It's sometimes like a dead baby that can't be pried from the mother's clutch.
    Hard to swim an ocean if you're only treading waterin a maelstrom.
    Great words, shads

  2. nice...its a necessary part of the journey, the cleaning out, the making space, taking out hte things that hold doors open that are well past their time....great capture of that....nice verse....real

  3. absoLUTEly beautiful....takes you along like riding a wave with a well waxed board...lovely!

  4. Today your birthday Shadow? Well damn I hope it is the best day of the year just gone by and the worst day of the year ahead. Have a wonder filled day!!

    Loved your piece today, I remember that day well, one of the few i can remember but it was cool to unload the baggage and used crap that stopped that door from closing because it seemed the one right across the hall didn't have any space to open 'til that one was closed. It's nice to be free in the way YOU define free.

  5. Happy birthday! And I just love the poem - like a spiritual Feng Shui!

  6. This is tough cleaning out the past. It took a couple of rounds for me and I remember being literally paralyzed. I would just sit there and stare at the walls until I could move again. Past crying past feeling anything and even wishing for some emotion. These days thoughts don't hurt me and things aren't as important as they use to be. I still kept a few things.


  7. time to move on and not look back....
    lovely imagery

  8. Cool, cleaning out the garbage of our past so we move on. A lot of things in my past I am not proud of and really don't need to cling to anymore. Hope you are well my friend. Lots of love!

  9. This is a great interpretation of the difficulty of letting go.

  10. its hard when you are about to decide to forget the past, once its done, then life goes on smoothly. bring it on! everything comes to an end.

  11. One of life's most difficult activities is "unloading" baggage which is holding me dumping all my "stuff" out of an airplane, to save gsoline AND my life!

    You write it more succinctly that even Anthony De Mello (Jesuit) in his book "The Way To Love" (fits in my back pocket, and gets sat on a LOT--grin!)

    LOVE lines like: "...while others she recognised as the stop at the door
    that prevented it from closing all these years."

    Shadow, I recall thinking 4½ years ago, that your compiled writings would be helpful to SO many Peeps worldwide. And I continue to hold that belief. You would be doing God's work, Girl!

    Thank you my "special" Friend.
    Be happy and JOYFUL!!!!!

  12. So good to clear out things that clutter out lives. Yet, I am so grateful that my parents and grand parents held onto many interesting things. I am donating my mother's papers to the hometown historical society. She was quite an historian.