Monday, December 10, 2012

Bare your Soul

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Your tears fall like the ceaseless drizzle
teeming down outside,
and rolling across the heavens
the thunder bears your dissent.
A lightning bolt of reason
brings silence to the deluge,
and the weight starts to lift
as the lingering mist fades away...


  1. wow...pretty intense storm in your words...the lightning bolt of reason...i like that...that will often cut all the rumbling...

  2. love the extended metaphor. Excellent photo also. Great portrayal of emotions and reason are being connected.

  3. Why oh why Verena, must some of us have to live almost 80 years before we can experience those last two very special

    "... and the weight starts to lift
    as the lingering mist fades away..."

    Also remembering "Old soldiers never die...."

    BUT--Happy? YES! Joyful? YES! READY? Yes!!

    NOTE: I see such TRUTH in your writing, woman! PEACE!

  4. I have an affinity for thunder and lightning. If that's what it takes to restore reason then maybe the entire planet needs a one world storm.

  5. "and the weight starts to lift"....So very true and beautiful Shadow!!