Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cotton Wool Clouds

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 I want to drift on these cotton wool clouds
on a bed that is white, in a wind that is warm,
to stare into space while my senses reign
in a realm that is far beyond.

...where witches dance dances of daring enchantment
and elves are entrenched with their eyes,
captured in chosen surrender that burns
in their soul as they take in the night.
Before their eyes dreams they have dreamt appear
in the whiff of a scattering cloud,
pixies stream gaily through crystal clear air
bringing fairy dust raining down.

It’s here that you yield to the subtle display
of expansion emitted to you,
and fly on the currents of angel's wings
as peace fin’ly flows through you.


  1. ah loving the magic in that second stanza and the peace that is following me through as well....smiles....nice...

  2. Very peaceful, especially at this time in our country. Blessings to you Shadow.

  3. This is so beautiful! You have a way with words :-)

  4. A cloud-watcher since "back-on-the-farm" days, i could always find peace, especially if I fell asleep. This, wayyy back through the woods on a hill we called the Merry-Go-Round. Lucky to wake up before dark!

    Thanks Shadow, you are bursting with the poetic art these days.

  5. Captured in chosen surrender: wow. Always with your words, there's something that truly resonates for me. That phrase is it. Honor your gift Shadow, and get a,ll of this published!I'm already in line...

  6. Greetings Shadow!!!

    Just popping in this morning to send along my wishes to you and yours...that you have a very happy holiday season.

    Will see you again in 2013, when I return to blogging after my hiatus, enjoying the company of my sister from Colorado. I haven't seen her in nearly 10 years. This will be a treat.

    Happy Anni

  7. oh beautiful! happy holidays to you.

  8. Magical words that capture something special.

    Wishing you peace and happiness over the Christmas period and beyond.


  9. thank you for this lovely poem, shadow.
    your words have soothed me tonight.

    may your dreams come true.


  10. so loved the words, the flow and the feel to it. Good work Shadow! happy new year.

  11. Third stanza is MINE--flying on curents of angel wings,
    and..........PEACE! You paint with words--exquisitely, Shadow!

  12. I too would like to have such an enchanting journey on a cloud to a fairy land, to forget all the worldly worries................