Thursday, December 13, 2012

...of blankets and books and cinnamon treats

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This thunder evokes a sweet memory
of blankets and books and cinnamon treats,
as cascading giggles of utter delight,
took us to castles we built with our sight…
It’s here fairy princesses lived in rich gold,
and rose gardens wrapped us into their rose fold,
of visions that only us children could see
‘cause grown-ups had polished off all that lush sheen.
I’m now an old child, I believe the tall tales,
written by masters whose touch still prevails
in the dark chambers of this dusty mind,
who chooses to delve into thoughts unconfined…


  1. Thunder does that to me, too, Shadow, causes me to "delve into thoughts unconfined..."

    And this is not for only the young, for it happens without regard for age--just ask me--grin!

    Exquisitely written in your special
    Shadow Language, which none other can touch. YOUR THUNDER ROARS AGAIN!

  2. Magical the way childhood thoughts and dreams always are....this is beautiful Shadow!!

  3. i like the continued thought from your last one...the least i think that was your last....i really like the old child line...i hope to stay that...and still believe the tall tales....smiles

  4. Reading this reminded me of some of my pleasant childhood memories.

  5. Oh Shadow .... your words truly paint a picture today!!! Childhood memories, reading, giggling, living a dream-like adventure through books, play, and imagination. LOVE it.

  6. I can't picture dust in the mind of Shadow the eternal hopeful realist. I'll come out and play but we are not playing with dolls or school or war. Anything else would be fun!

  7. NO ONE paints an image like YOU Shadow Dancing...
    You are a wonder and a gift to us all.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End