Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rainy Day Reality

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I want to disappear with you into the dark and stormy horizon,
never to return, to free these feelings, to live them with exuberance,
on terms that are mine, to which you will be bound,
as I’ve risen from the ashes and it’s time for me to soar.

I’ve slit my wrists and fell from heights onto cold frozen ground,
I poisoned myself by living on impulses I no way could control,
I’ve drowned in a cage with an open door and indulged in insanity’s hold,
before truth would allow it no more.

Truth is my Death, I’m ablaze in transformation,
I now own the power to the love that is mine to give
and your love that is mine to take...


  1. This is too deep for me. In all honesty I barely comprehend the pain and the gain. Wonderful expressions.

    1. This is about the Scorpio/Phoenix/Eagle connection...

    2. I'll have to look that up. Meanwhile why does the man (with the umbrella) in your top photo look familiar? Was this from a movie? Just curious.

  2. I'll have to dwell on that one for a while ... I’m ablaze in transformation, like that idea.