Sunday, November 23, 2014

In the Arms of Darkness

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For hours she’s been staring, motionless as a statue, at the steadily falling rain,
her thoughts a bleak circle without a beginning and without an end.
And just as the water soaks the ground, she too absorbs the gloom of despair
that is her constant shadow,
fogging her waking dreams with a hopelessness and futility
even her sleeping form in the depth of the night cannot escape.
In the sightless vision of this grey haze,
the arms of the spirits of the underworld close around her
and without resistance she accepts their embrace,
to sink into the forever of a numb and frozen darkness,
where her eyes cannot see, her ears cannot hear, her skin feels no touch
and her mind can no longer torture her with the desires of her once living being.


  1. Is this the dead or the walking dead. Interesting and beautiful

  2. This has such a firm feeling of and absolute immersion..amazing!

  3. Would it be rude to call this a beautiful bummer? You certainly have a way with slow-motion lifelessness. Is that an oxymoron? Well done.

  4. I have said it before, your writing can be haunting and beautiful at the same time...I love it.

  5. I'm always blown away by what you write. This is particularly eerie, haunting, and even hallucinogenic.

  6. Personally i embrace that nether touch, and am always starled when a physical hand touches me to take me from that place.

    I have not answered yet--patience. i will explain.

  7. to have lived once...and feel so dead now...
    is so very haunting....

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