Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Run

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Damn, it is uncomfortable,
the impending doom that’s made its home
in the pit of my stomach,
where it chases me with hours
when mere minutes barely passed,
and shreds my nerves as it grinds away
to a diary that isn't mine.
So I flee to a harbour that offers no shelter,
where my endurance is performing admirably
against escape routes stronger than time,
until this body can no longer withstand
the influx of chemical substances
that finally force these restless eyes shut
but the soul that can’t sleep trawls along…


  1. Wow... profound and deep....

    Chemical substances might dull the feelings and emotions but never cover them completely... they only end up killing us eventually... The only real way is through the pain...

  2. restlessness of body can be calmed down, but it is very difficult to calm a torn soul:(

  3. ... listen to what ur soul tells u, hmmm? ... and if u feel like staying a lil bit longer, do so, but very cautiously, k? ... and if u feel like running, do so and do so pronto ... Love, cat.

  4. Oh I so completely, understand this one!!

  5. addictions, one kind or another...can carry us away to a harbor of doom, or a comfort zone. It depends on your psyche.

    This was intense, AND filled with challenges of the mind and heart.

  6. *but the soul can't sleep trawls along*
    Really like that line

    Your poem is quite profound ..

    Blessings to you on your life journey

  7. A tormented soul is a lonely place. Tragic.

  8. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm that reeminds me of me sumtimes wen i kannot sleep and mama has to giv me an ekstra pil or two!!! becuz wen i kannot sleep aint nobody sleeping!!! ok bye

  9. Gosh . . .
    I think it is about time I had you on my hypnotic couch . . . chasing the doom away and letting happier thoughts in . . .
    But a fascinating read . . . and highly emotional . . . :)

  10. That was deep. And yet, I must applaud you for describing the feeling so well.