Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oh yes you know...

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...just how prevalent you are,
from the recesses of my mind
you assaulted me with your presence.

How I need to feel your voice on me,
your fingers in my hair,
this surge of heat that needs to be free,
and you’re the only way out…

…free me?


  1. Freedom is everything, but usually comes with a price. Interesting and vivid piece.

  2. The one who has bound the soul is the one who can free it, but the heart won't let.

  3. I certainly will . . :)
    Like "assaulted me with your presence"

    Gosh . .

    My son got married on Saturday and little Peter has written an account of the wedding . . lol

  4. your posts are still as beautiful as ever !! :-)

  5. Heh, your desire and need are def quite palmpable.
    The only way out is further in.