Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tears of Time

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I need the rain,
to breathe, to feel,
to soak in the cold misty air
in a fog of images,
for when I rise,
the sun is the sweetest nectar
anyone could ever dream to drink in.



  1. Rainfall is everything, a rebirth of the best things. Sunshine is growth and healing. Great piece, and war greetings!

  2. The bright sunshine, its warmth will take away the dampness and coldness................not only of surroundings but of a heart too.

  3. How sweetly you put me in that early-morning etherealness which I frequently experience on my bike. And the gratitude I get to experience at the majestic celestial movements (including earth), which contrive to make life beautiful again.

    Thank you, Shadow!

  4. ... love it when the sun comes up in the east to meet the cool misty morning ... awesome choice of picture, too ... Love, cat.

  5. We all need the rain is this way, such beautiful imagery :)

  6. There really is such a thing as too much sun. Rain makes it all easier to take in.

    / Avy

  7. I can so relate & feel connected to this poem.

    You've capture this poetry imagery so well done.

    Love it!

    P.S I posted another new poem up Yesterday. :) Hope you like. It's very surrealism.

  8. I am so glad to find that you are still blogging. Many people I used to follow are not.

    Your words have only become more sublime.

  9. Shadow i have a different use for the dawn--not better mind you, just different and the rain, love the rain it drives the pollution inside so it is quiet.