Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Shadows

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I am sliding into darkness 
with the waxing of the moon, 
for its glow reveals the shadows 

that are hid by new moon true.


  1. The newr one hides the older one but the essence remains same.

  2. ... it's all a game ... a waiting game, that is ... Love, cat.

  3. Light and Dark are "more or less" of each other.
    However, light needs a source. Without it there would just not be...SHADOW!

  4. Ooh there is a great atmosphere in this piece. Adore. It makes me feel ready for fall

  5. Somewhere behind our moon, lies a hidden other shadows
    who might one day, peel their other shadow.

    Excellent poem! Love it!

    P.S I posted a poem, Yesterday Friday. Stop by my wordpress page and see if you like what you read.

  6. Whoa, a troubadour from years long past would be quite pleased with that line.