Friday, November 6, 2015

In my Eyes, the World

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  Accept this as my love for you, the words I’ve never spoken;
an intensity too significant to explain, far too endless to contain,
borne from wisdom obtained from a grief so deep it tore my soul apart,
rendered senseless by truths, I struggled to stand, I was raw,
at the futility I feel at not being able to arrange the world to agree with your every dream and adventure,
and the wrench in my heart, every time I have to let you go.


  1. I have lived this too many times. This could be said to so many people we have loved and lost or the ones we want to save but can't. Saying so much with so few words.

  2. Woo hoo! The monitor for our main computer has been replaced, and I can now see what is on the screen much better. Oh, and very well said in the poem.

  3. Your poem is raw with reality. I think I need a bandage.

  4. I would never allow you to conform your world to mine. Better that planets collide with great force and fury, all the better the love it creates in our universe. Though I do admit I love when our thinking synchs up. Love You!