Monday, November 9, 2015

Follow That Dream

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I have traversed my timeline, went by many days marked with an X, for a target, a destination, towards an end.  Or so I thought.  

But just as time never changes its pace, so too the mind keeps on thinking, shifting, creating and dreaming, to which my hand responds by reaching out to scribble over the X I’d marked as I stretch towards a new destination, a little bit further along this line.  

Now after 600 months torn off and discarded, I hope I never reach the end, I hope I never cease to scribble in my notebook of madness and dreams, as that would mean I can no longer see, I can no longer feel, it would mean I’ve run out… and that, I believe, is where my timeline ends.


  1. That kind of destination is truly the end and no one wants to reach it.

  2. And I had to come back and say happy birthday!

  3. I dunno Shadow, I don't scribble anywhere near as often as I once did, I remark upon things in my mind, a lot of it not much worth writing about unless I am telling some horror story. I am tired of telling horror stories, living inside them is enough. On the other hand...

    I pray your birthday was satisfactorily done up, that the day itself was the best day of the year just passed and the worst day of the year ahead. *tink* To you my friend. Love Always.

  4. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay as long as i can smel my dreem i can follow it!!! espeshly if my dreem is a nice rasher of bacon!!! wich it is!!! ha ha ok bye

  5. Really feeling it. I see myself at my desk doing something I can no longer define if it is from habit. I guess I could be happy anywhere, as long as I have paper and pen. I love my scribbled note books. Have a wonderful weekend, Shadow.