Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Eerie Light of Bewilderment

It’s a freefall as you step off the cliff,
wind whistling its notes of suspension,
a time warp distorting everything you see.
 Awareness override images
with a wave that seals the lips,
while eyes record what the mind can’t absorb,
and you fall and fall and fall…..
 The old and the new sweeps through me,
a kaleidoscope of sensations, memories, nostalgia,
fatigue, with an obscure touch of excitement
at the unknown horizon I now look at every night.


  1. This is such a powrful image! It actually sort of shook me you know. Wow! I literally shuddered reading it.

    All is calm,
    This feels right,
    This smells sweet,
    The touch is cool,
    It’s euphoria, bliss.
    It’s empty all around,
    You’ve had your last thought,
    You’ve seen your last scene,
    You’ve heard
    And played your last tune.
    This is it!
    Get up now,
    Spread your arms,
    Loosen your wings,
    Take the plunge.
    Time has died,
    You can fly.
    So fly,

  2. Myriad thoughts keep going around the mind and its up to us to keep ourselves in touch or out of touch with the ones we need to.