Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wanderers of the Universe

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 In her nightmares there weren’t any monsters, no scary creatures she could see.

It was the howling wind of her protesting soul that swallowed the daylight and locked her in purgatory with yesterday’s ghosts stealing her breath, tomorrow’s demons speeding past the windows in an ever-tightening circle.

10 Years have passed in the blink of an eye in the frozen state of a nightmare from which she couldn’t rouse, the fist of the dark night had encased her heart and her space.

But then, I don’t think even shE reckoned with the destructive force of a screaming spirit intent on breaking free from the staged world in which she was placed, from the bonds she had forged herself, it was deafening the crack as she obliterated its hold from her psyche, from her dimension, a final time.


  1. Dark, it stretches one's imagination to great lengths. A great read, well done.

  2. Gosh . . . . it is almost as though she is in everlasting torment . . . . poor thing . . . :)

  3. It's a hard feeling to express really...but let me try. Sometimes, it feels as if when the past and the future are pulling me too hard in opposite directions, i lapse into an equilibrium born out of's like a lull where i'm present only to the present...probably what the eye of a storm must be like. But it's never permanent. It goes away and i keep looking for it.
    These amazingly painted lines of yours reminded me of that feeling. So, thank you for sharing it! It's truly inspiring. :)

  4. The power we give the demons of our mind. Are they real? Real enough to control us.