Thursday, May 5, 2016

--- I never make a promise, but you have my good intent ---

--- I never make a promise, but you have my good intent ---

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I created a beast
from the shadows in dark nights,
in a realm where the reckless rule,
intent on the pursuit
of pleasure and gratification,
stolen from them in the days they went to school.

Since I could not staunch the bleeding of my disconnected roots,
bleeding from vulnerable turned rebellion,
‘twas the lack of understanding, yet comprehending so damn much,
I chose to inhale the fiery notes of midnight,
yes, I breathed deeply, drew in the music from his proffered flute.

Here I burn for truth, here I burn for love,
here my soul flies unhindered with the passing of the stars,
frankness decimates my heaven, drawn on paper made of straw,
acid rain is falling, falling, I’m fragmented, broken, raw.

Yet the beast that is borne from the shadows of your dark nights,
protects you if you will or won’t, in his singular toxic way.

He takes you down to the lowest ground,
dissolves your thoughts in passion, common sense and awe,
he shows you the truth in whispers, woven through with stings of clarity,
the feeling of truly being alive when to yourself alone you are sworn.
And 'though you'll pay 'til the end of your day
should you ever misjudge his stealth,
he hands you too, your legacy,
what will I leave behind in my wake.....


  1. Almost like a deal with the devil, and a devil of our design.

  2. Very interesting, thank you for this

  3. I am good with the low ground and any debt that may arise from that position. At the very least those of us who inhabit it must be not only prepared for the fire of the daylight, but also accept our consequences; another thing I am prepared for.

  4. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wil tayk gud intent shoor i wil!!! and also a cookie if yoo hav wun!!! ok bye