Sunday, May 29, 2016

She is a Child of the Moon

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She’s a lover of the night sky, of fantasy, the moon,
she can feel your blood as it drips from your cut,
she can hear your song as it pulses through your veins,
she can read unsaid stories from the book that’s your eyes.

     She can draw you into her cloud, where the fiercest lightning strikes,
she will lead you through dark forests, leaving you drained, inflamed and raw,
     and she will lift you into the stars, where the unknown sphere arises,
she will lead you through truths wonder, filling your body and mind with awe.


  1. Wonderful. Appreciate you sharing.

  2. ... sure hope so ... cuz sumtimes there is no other way, but be quiet about "things" ... and trust, that only the heart sees "things" right ... Love, cat.

  3. Such, kind of faith we all need to have in great God and be one with the divine:)

  4. I would that the moon would meet me on my porch at night, every night. A bit of awe would go ever so far.

  5. Sounds like quite the traveling companion.