Monday, May 30, 2016

The Ruler

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     Endless days I have wished, I have begged, to forget,
sleepless nights I dream of being possessed,
so tell me your dreams, what it is that you rules,
or do you dream of being possessed too?
     Is the ruler of your night, the ruler of your soul,
or is the ruler the one who is trying for control?


  1. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wish and beg for things a lot too!!! mostly for treets and foods tho!!! ok bye

  2. Extraordinary, Thank you for this

  3. I really enjoyed reading that, thanks for sharing!

  4. ... reminds me of the 2 peacocks courting ... saw it in Victoria, BC, Canada ... it was an amazing display of him trying 2 impress her ... made me cry ... makes me think of our aboriginal peeps as well as they interpret many of their dances according to wild life behaviour ... pow wow season is just around the corner ... hope u r well, friend Shadow? ... Love, cat.

  5. I have no dreams, neither in the sleep nor the day, to possess me. I, alone, rule my soul and give it or guard it as I am wont. Ah my dear friend rules and rulers are for others, poets and truth tellers are exempt from their influence.