Tuesday, May 3, 2016

join the circus

picture source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/419749627750162821/

“insurrection unravels unstoppable from a hollow deep down inside,
burning through oxygen to burst forth in the coldest, rather tactless, disclosures
that should maybe remain inside your head, and you know it’s unkind and unfair,
since they’re spoken with the voice you had when you were 7”

a crack is forever, it’ll seal, but the crack, the crack will always be,
how to (not) deal with it, well, I know of many ineffective ways,
but this ever-present darkness is engrained in me
and I understand it, I don’t fear it anymore,
instead I use it, these shadows, to obscure the unnecessary,
simplify pictures and reduce everything to a need-to-know……
“strange is the silence of utter peace amidst the screams of war,
in the mind that is mine, absolved from self-imposed sentences.
what’s written is written, but your nightmare affects me no more”

the crack. the crack will always be there,
you should step towards what you want,
instead of away from what you don't.
the view is important, don’t trip looking at yesterday.
allow yourself the happiness of sea sand at noon,
feel the shifting warmth as it gives way, soothes you as you yield.
there is no pain when you accept
damned are sinners and believers alike,
so join the circus of undulating pleasure and pain,
written too is what you’re doing, you're removing the stains.


  1. Move toward what you want, not what you don't want. Now those are wise words.

  2. This was a real wonder. Thank you.

  3. "...don't trip looking at yesterday..." I believe your intent was different than my take away Shadow. Remembering yesterdays trippin' still has a hallucinogenic quality I look back on with much understanding gained.

    Often when talking about my current surround I point out the doings in ring 1-2-3 to my wife. Slum life can be an unending source of amusement.

  4. I agree with Alex ... "Move toward what you want, and not to what you don't want" ... easy as pie, hmmm ... so why do peeps not do that? I also wanna say something else, friend Shadow: I looove your header pic ... copy and pasted it, and have as my screen saver ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  5. Accepting the dark. Does this mean we can't be healed? I think we hold on to the darkness because it is familiar and in a way comforting. It is all we have know.