Friday, May 6, 2016

Fables of New Moon's Night

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“I’ve knocked, I’ve shuffled, I’ve turned it around,
not an angle I did not see,
standing’s what standing, this is what it is,
just the truth, so may it be.”

Take my warmth into your hands and let me cast myself around you,
enter chambers no-one’s ever seen, where no-one’s been before,
spirits true will find fulfillment in a place where there is no want,
take my hand in this dark new moon night, believer?, or is this folklore?


  1. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
    (but you did touch on one of my favorites)

  2. I am a believer until the folklore is proven to be reality. Then I am only disillusioned.

  3. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am a littel spooky abowt entering chambers wot no wun has ever seen however i bet my sister saya the mighty wil be happy to akkompany yoo with her katana!!! i do like the sownd of a playse with no want tho seems like it wood be a gud playse to be a dog or a hyooman for that matter!!! ok bye