Thursday, June 22, 2017

Terminal Impunity

picture credit: unknown

I do still miss you so,
entrenched as you are,
a warm memory of sunny days
when you flowed through my veins,
recklessly tearing through my consciousness
and we flew with a fire in our eyes,
without caution, without advisement,
in a daze of self-gratification,
left everything behind,
even myself.


  1. The memory of a lost love or life can be ignited by a scent, a thought, a sighting. Very subtle yet vivid piece, very striking. Greetings!

  2. Beautiful. A piece of ourselves is still there

  3. This one is as gem! Would love to see a collection of your poetry!

  4. Magnificent. Your ability to paint a picture of emotion & memory never ceases to astound me. This one, even tho I commented ...left me speechless.

  5. ... Awesome, awesome poem, friend Shadow ... cuz this is exactly how I felt like when bringing new life into this world again and again cuz of him ... Love, cat.