Friday, June 9, 2017

The State I'm In

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I cannot do this. I cannot be a pivotal factor in the course of another’s life.
 I would forever carry the repercussions as my personal responsibility,
I’d be a traitor to truths we shared before things changed,
disturbed my balance, became intrusive, unflinchingly persistent,
and even though I know your reactions to be from the heart,
the chameleon in you frustrates me, I can’t keep up these walls all the time,
I must separate myself from your physicality, knowing I will miss you.
Now is what is, be in it, own it, direct the course, it's your own choosing,
decide, look towards answers, assess without emotions the means of getting there.
If you’re lucky you’ll be able tie them with your string of dreams,
if not it will hurt, do you see the position I now find myself in?


  1. Each moment will pass, just like a storm making way for the piercing sun. Thoughts and warm greetings.

  2. However you do continue to write prose so perfectly. Keep it up. And enjoy your trip!

  3. Short and direct... Relationships should be a plus. (plus what...)

  4. Awesome poem and well understood by this cat ... Love.

  5. Oh. If we could only run away from the voice in our heads. Sadly we must take the voice with us and let it rule our lives. It is just life and we are here to live it to face our fears and get on with it. We make it so complicated.