Wednesday, June 14, 2017

...nothing is ever guaranteed.

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When you are with light-minded people, their freedom rubs off on you and infects you, you are unrestricted, with purity of purpose to live your life. You are given the courage to do things differently, live a life your parents never could, who followed the expectations of their elders, followed the rules of an outdated book. Learn from history, don’t blindly follow, and question everything Establishment has ever taught you.…… the world is a changed place yet the rules on how to live have not, how can that be?

You are still outside the box, look before you willingly enslave your limbs, your dreams and your soul.  Lies are indecipherable from truths, published by a network created to direct your thoughts, infiltrate your being, corrupt your reason and turn you into a worker bee without a voice, without a sting, you pose no threat.  

So do not decide lightly, do not decide to please another, the scenery stays the same with or without their approval.  And please remember, there will always be doubts, places look vastly different when imagination translates into reality, and nothing is ever guaranteed, who would it hurt if you (don't) try......


  1. Great write. It can be taken in at least 3 ways (general, reflection, someone specific)

  2. Shadow...I completely agree with you....

  3. We are afraid to lose the gains we have made. By not conforming there is a chance we could lose what we have and that makes us stay where we are. We can only dream about what could be. If you have lost a lot and been at the bottom it is easier to do what is in your heart and not your head. Nice.

  4. When I come to a possible new road, it is the not knowing that restricts me. not knowing what obstacles lie down the new road, or what rewards lie along the old one. or what pain I may cause to others with either choice. Perhaps I am a coward in this way

  5. I had a trust issue for as long as I can remember, friend Shadow ... except by now it's not an issue anymore because that's just the way I am ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  6. Some great lines I could relate with at this time, which held several deeper, penetrating meanings in wisdom.

    Loved the second verse. "Look before..."

    And the last verse.
    "Do not decide lightly. Do not decide to please another, the scenery stays the same with or without their approval."

    Overall a wonderful beginning middle and end.
    Have a good weekend, Shadow.

  7. Amen, dood...
    nthn is ever guaranteed.
    Our lifetime's, too,
    which could be taken away
    in a second.

    That's Y it's extremely important
    for you to have a back-up plan:
    Find-out what RCIA means and join.

    trustNjesus, bro.
    God bless your indelible soul.
    cya soon Upstairs...