Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's Time for a Revolution!

picture source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/546131892295214891/

An entire race depicted
as hunters of a peaceable nation,
subjected to the madness of a cold, cold soul,

judged and found guilty by temperate minds,
raised on the lies of their keepers,

where truth and debt
has been slanted and staged,
fiction turning fact, to a generation
programmed to believe what they’re told,
without question and without qualm.

Honest deeds lost to time.

Complicit in silence, you condemn!
You pledge deference to a lie!
Stand up and speak!
Say what you think,
say what really was,
speak up against injustice,
speak out against bias,
say everything you’ve been conditioned to suppress,

and pivot the power from the governing few
back into your hands, and yours, and yours,
where it’s meant to lie,
with the people deserving their place in the sun.

It’s time for a revolution!


  1. Seems to be quite a bit of revolution happening right now, although not all of it is coming from a good place

  2. Baby, it's cold outside ... Let's hunt a deer and huddle by the fire, hmmm? Love, cat.

  3. Ah yes indeed. What you speak of, I have successfully been: with the SF public schools.

  4. ooo yes this is so great - I find it hard to be overtly political in poems sometimes and I think you do it well! 'Complicit in silence, you condemn!' Is super powerful and super accurate xxx

  5. Woe, that is hitting far too close to home.

  6. After spending decades speaking out to every person I could--I found I could not foment the revolution of mind. Violence and taking away are easy if one is willing to pay the cost--few are leaders though. I am retired to simply smithing words when they arrive.