Saturday, September 16, 2017

Where is Heaven

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Dawn runs its lazy fingers over my limbs,
stretches its warmth to the length of my body,
awakens the need to be alive, to fulfil,
to be in your presence, lead me to you, be my guide,
all I need is your touch, I will find the way.

And with the rising of the moon at 2am
I will devour you as would a starving man
too long deprived of your scent, your taste,
a growling hunger possessing,
every cell compelling, begging, for surrender
to the cravings deep down in my soul.

Where is heaven and where is hell?


  1. I have the idea they both are within the heart and found through the use of words, not eyes. I can think of worse things than being devoured by your heart shadow.

  2. I feel as if our soul is calling to the god, to help us, to lift us and in such times only god can help us.

  3. Greetings from the UK. I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  4. Whoa!!!

    Of course I am taking the words of your beautiful prose to my inner cravings of love, passion, and some semblance of sanity within our world.

    Heaven is peace of mind.
    Hell is what we make of it...if you're dissatisfied, hell is within reach.

    Then, on the other hand, if I were to interpret this in a whole 'nother perspective, I could feel the ecstasy with his touch as the moon glows through the window of my dreams.

    Take it one way or the other...they're both reached by your talent of painting my mind's picture as I read.

  5. I like the sensual hungering elements described here, Dawn and the moon rise are both special. It would be a waning moon rising at 2 AM...

  6. I knew I was in a different world when dawn broke at 2 A.M.
    Heaven or hell... Thanks for the journey

  7. Heaven is out there waiting to be discovered. Hell is a place I don't want to find.

  8. Sensual and yet ever so subtle like the calm waves at sea, arriving and receding at will. Heaven is hell and hell is heaven, from dawn to dusk.

  9. I feel very jealous of Dawn . . . lol
    Sorry I have been incognito lately
    I have been soooo busy with projects . . . :)

  10. Truth is there is no heaven and there is no hell, friend Shadow ... example:
    I love the colour purple, but know very well that there is no colour purple unless it's made of colour blue and colour red ... so no use looking for the perfect purple ... ok? ... Love, cat.

  11. Nothing is like a beautiful start of a poem to capture your mind, ignite your senses. Intriguing piece it is...

    peace and love