Thursday, October 5, 2017

Midnight under the Moon

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At midnight under the moon
the mind plays back movies
of magic, misgivings and needs.

Here my limbs mimic
movements from our dance
in a mist of merriment and mystery,
where I can wander through meadows
cast in the light from your eyes,
and where my senses react to your motion,
mingle with your scent,
move through me,
a touch of love.

I’m silenced by your honesty,
humbled in the presence of your faith,
a witness to you who lives your truth,
that is life, that is what I need,
such are the yearnings
under the moon at midnight.


  1. The truth and assurance are what we need the most n a world full of deceit.

  2. What a grand midnight that must be, well written and a delight to read. Greetings!

  3. I sailed over "the pond" for love 35 years ago ... and found the same moon up there, friend, Shadow ... Love, cat.

  4. This is very moving. I think we both had the moon on our minds tonight.

  5. Long time no see, friend Shadow ... Love, cat.

  6. Honesty faith truth; yes I can see those things making a life worth touching and dancing over. Be Well Dear Shadow.

  7. one of the most amazing things in my experience is to be humbled by the faith of another

  8. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm if i am under the mooooon at midnight it is probly becuz i had to go potty and mama let me owt!!! i do not think that is as poetik as wot is going on under the mooooon heer!!! ok bye