Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Old books. New books.

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So many things are fast evolving,
so many people and places will fade away,
so too the memories evoked by proximity,
time erasing details with each tick, with each tock,
voices receding, becoming softer,
until all you hear is a whisper of an echo
draped in the shades of a silvery night,
the warmth of your touch steadily replaced by emptiness......

And just ahead there is blue air and moist footpaths
twisting through untraveled forests,
there I will hear birdsong and croaking frogs,
learn to place my fellow wanderers
by their sound, movements, habits, scent,
I can carve out new routes and routines,
find pleasing places before turning one into a familiar,
bask in the sunshine on a sunny day on warm sea sand,
snuggle down before a wood fire on misty dreary days,

I will take pleasure in writing a new book, on new pages, in a new room,
and I always will treasure the book I am closing now.


  1. people and places, fading in, fading out, fading away

  2. "Until all you hear is a whisper of an echo draped i the shade of a silvery night." what an amazing line Shadow!! Time does seem to take doesn't it? I love how there is so much hope and true joy of the moment in your closing lines. I think this shall be my favorite poem of yours until the next poem you write presents itself.

  3. I relate very strongly to the first verse my dear friend--but I am tired of writing new stories and walking new pages to completion. I think I am finally growing old after having walked towards the new for so many decades.

    You write to my soul my dear one.

  4. And so life marches on in the forest of dreams, closing a book or a chapter who is to say?

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i like the sownd of its untraveled forest with sownds of naytcher and wotnot!!! ummm just as long as the birdsongs ar not parakeets i am skayrd of parakeets!!! ok bye