Friday, October 6, 2017

The Duel

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There are many worlds alive in my soul,
the past intertwines with now,
touches my skin has not forgotten,
loves lived, fights fought, paths parted,
creating new endings from old beginnings,
written as riddles across the stars,
duelling for supremacy in my waking hours,
are they edging me towards my purpose
or my demise?


  1. Purpose of life is loving life, friend Shadow ... Demise is just demise ... Love, cat.

  2. What powerful words, what powerful emotions, amazing!!

  3. Interesting thoughts, I believe my soul lives in many worlds.

  4. Both. Purpose and demise. This poem says it all. Nice.

  5. It can seem like demise...but the answer is purpose. "There are many worlds alive in my soul,"....yes there are Shadow, yes there are!! <3

  6. I say towards your purpose. The present would be empty without the past touches and loves, fights and moonless nights. everything comes together in the living now. Live it, breathe it, and never never fail to share it.

    Affectionately yours Shadow.