Sunday, October 22, 2017


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Today I mourn,
I mourn for the hopeless, the helpless, the lost,
I cry for the wailing souls I hear in the midnightly hours
I cry for the emerging grown-ups who have not lived one day,
trapped as they were by the cyber world, brainwashed to indulgences,
shirking responsibility of the self, to whom the ridiculous is everyday,
whose every whim, knock and dent entitles claims of victimisation,
who are unable to form an original thought, their imagination seized,
of stunted intelligence in the field of life although masters of the artificial,
the linked, the tweeted, anything not involving contact with real people,
real values, real actions and reactions, real integrity, true in word and deed,
true to a meaningful belief, true to themselves and their being,
they are no longer able to tell the difference between history and fairy tales, no!
I mourn the souls of these poor damaged creatures emerging to rule our world,
they don’t stand a chance, you cannot win a fight you are unaware of participating in,
their baseline has been removed and reshaped into a twisted self-serving society
with a lack of common sense and no clue as to what is right and what is wrong,
spineless beings living by euphemisms and acronyms,
who believe this managed chaos is for the betterment of humanity,
who believe war brings peace and obedience implies freedom,
today I cry for you.


  1. What a powerful write this is, friend Shadow ... you got it! Working on a busy acute psych unit and see this every nite ... only difference is, nowadays we see more and more drug induced psychosis rather than "just" pure psychosis ... Anyway ... Love always, cat.

  2. The truly scary ones are those who are manipulating behind the scenes, using people's tendencies against them. It is a scary time

  3. Ohhhhh, Ms. V, well said!!! I say AMEN to that.

  4. There's always something to mourn in this day and age. Such a thoughtful poem, nice of you to share.

  5. using people's tendencies against them. It is a scary time


  6. I will not mourn nor cry for them sucked blindly into a place they think they made Shadow. I will not despair over the bent neck texting crowds, legions of twits tweeting across the table rather than speaking.

    I am grateful I am not evolved, devolved even. Let them who think they rule enjoy the fruits of another's labor. They will pass to the book of time same as everone else and maybe, just maybe them in future generations will find a path that leaves no one out of peace.

    til then "fuck 'em"

    Love you dearly


  7. Well said
    Humanity lost its soul when they forgot what honor meant.