Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We are all just slaves

picture source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/704250460453457913/

We are all just slaves,
slaves to our fathers, our lovers, to society,
slaves to rules not ours to own
but nonetheless accepted, without resistance or question.

We are enslaved by our routines, our jobs, laws, thieves,
we are locked behind high walls and separation,
behind ‘should’, behind a label, behind the responsibilities we bear,
we latch onto our most prized possessions in fear it will be taken,
but it’s already gone since we’re the ones denying ourselves its joy.

We’ve been beaten, good and solid, we are enslaved by our own fear,
too afraid to dare, too afraid to take a stand, too afraid to say what we think,
we are slaves because we wouldn’t know what to do with freedom if we had it.

We are slaves because we believe what we are told by our masters
whom we outnumber ten thousand to one?
Yes, we are slaves because we believe every unsubstantiated threat,
comfortable in the straightjackets handed to us at birth,
and as slaves we will die running on a treadmill of another’s creation, for another’s gain.

Is that the legacy you want to leave behind? Do you not feel even a little angry?
I will not pass silently over this land, nor hand my children into slavery,
somewhere, this has to stop, why not here, why not now?


  1. We are indeed ruled by many masters. When we can make a choice of our own, we need to do so.

  2. ...breathe, deep breathe......do I know you....do you know me? We must. We are those things, aren't we?

    I am angry but I cannot question what we do no even know exists....it just is....like breathing.

  3. Social, emotional, and economic slavery passed around by waiters at a cocktail party. From the moment of birth until the last gasp of life many people are subject to a slavery they had nothing to do in the building of.

    There is a way out of the chains I saw beginning with the loss of fear, Fear no death, poverty, illusion from others, corporate/social structure built to inhibit my mind and spirits freedom.

    It all began with a tattoo I got when I was 18--three simple words--FREEDOM/DEJA VU.

  4. This is true as true can be ... so what can one do about it, friend Shadow? Much love, cat.

  5. I have made some small stands along the way. We outliers tend to go left when everyone else goes right. My refusing to kill made some enemies ...odd!

  6. That photo is awesome! Contemplative post ~

    Happy Days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. OUTSTANDING!!! I was raised to never question what I was taught about God, but He actually relishes the opportunity to answer our questions. It is our refusal to want to truly understand that He hates. If we would simply seek to truly know and understand our Heavenly Father, all of the apparent madness of this world will start to make sense. It is all part of His plan, but that does not meant that we cannot bring more hardships down upon ourselves than would be absolutely necessary to accomplish His purposes. Some pain offers absolutely no gain.

  8. So true to life this is...especially 'we latch onto our most prized possessions in fear it will be taken, but it’s already gone since we’re the ones denying ourselves its joy'

    Happy weekend dear lady!!

  9. This is absolutely perfect - we are indeed comfortable in the straight-jackets handed to us at birth...

    We think we own our paychecks, our status in society, our roles in our families, success, etc. The reality is that it is these things that own us!

    Beautifully written!

  10. Yes, I feel a little angry. I turn 48 this summer and I'm angry because I should've dared to do so much more than I actually have. I'm agree because whenever I stick my head out, the herd is rarely on my side. If there are rules, someone's made them, so why not us?

  11. Some great gems here to ponder. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy at least some joyful moment's this weekend.

  12. We are all slaves in some ways and there are many masters out there trying to rule our hearts, mind and souls. I think at times we need to try and break the bonds that hold us hostage. I am not quite sure how to go about that though.

    Contemplative post! May you find a bit of freedom