Sunday, December 9, 2018

Citations of an Unwritten Book #1

It was a rainy day, dawn hadn’t even broken when dusk settled in.  Her appointment was for 4, a call on her way postponed it to 5.30.  It was pointless to go back so she drove to the address she’d been given.  The parking lots was full, she turned into the side street and found a spot half a block down.  She turned off the engine, slid down in her seat, curling up, warming herself, the pelting rain a million drumsticks beating out a monotonous rhythm on the canvas roof, her lids grew heavy, she fell asleep….

……only to be jerked awake to a thunderous knocking on her window, ‘Ma’am, ma’am, are you alright? You’re not to be parking here alone so late at night, it be not safe?’  She blinked, sat upright, blinked again, this must be a dream, where the hell was she, what was the time, it’s dark out, and how did the buildings and streets turn into an ocean and the beach?


  1. Charlee: "Hmm, when we had a rainy day here, we didn't go to sleep and wake up at the beach."
    Chaplin: "That's probably because we were hiding under the bed."

  2. I have an unwritten book as well, friend Shadow … and it will remain unwritten just like the unwritten book of my grandmother and the unwritten book of my mother … a notion my rainbow daughter will never understand … May the circle be unbroken … Anyway … Happy New Year, hmmm? Much love, cat.