Wednesday, August 28, 2019


attachment to things, to feelings, to people, to places,
attachment, attachment, attachment….
the source of so many discomforts in the self,
attachment to the fire provided by an illicit drug,
to the rush of a love affair, the exhilaration of success,
to the illusion your appearance will change your life,
to the comfort of a predictable day, month, year!#@%,
if only these attachments could dissolve in the moonlight,
freeing the mind from hidden bonds, opening doorways
and highways to unexplored places, where you’re free,
unattached, you’ll be yourself.


  1. The Buddha says: "Attachment is the root of suffering". I say: "That is true … but then again, so is detachment". Ergo: "The middle way is the diamond way". Diamonds only grow in darkness, but only sparkle in light. Much love, friend Shadow. cat.

  2. hmm I am pondering attachment and connection. Attachment takes us from the present as we are attached to the past or ideas for the future. Connections are to me a better option as one is in sync and in the present it gives one better opportunities to grow.

    Which is better Dear Shadow for the psych? (hugs)

  3. The only attachment worth having is to one's goal for it gives a reason to live and hope :)