Saturday, August 24, 2019

Where have the dreams gone?

How I long for the days gone by,
to how we were, to the way things were,
summer days when we had little responsibility
and lived for satisfaction,
innocent faith in the world around us,
idealistic visions of who we were and going to be,
dreams, lots of dreams that drove us through days,
many days until the dreams stopped coming every night,
and tired days followed, then the dreaming stopped altogether,
making for long, drawn-out, dreary hours of daylight to get through,
just to escape into an empty void of nothingness, we sleep.
How did I become so disillusioned, so empty, so devoid of feeling,
is it even possible to reclaim solid ground in this quicksand without mercy,
sucking me in, sucking me dry, sucking me down, down, down……


  1. We were so innocent and unknowing as kids...

  2. I am the (self proclaimed) Queen of Dreams, friend Shadow. For as long as I can remember, I have been blessed/ plagued by dreams/ nightmares. They keep me humble and compassionate. Thank you for visiting my blog, eh? Much love from this Alberta cat and her cat Theo Thunderbutt :)