Thursday, April 16, 2020

The End of a Dream?

Remember that Thursday morning you went to work,
it was raining, the traffic a mess, umbrellas darting across busy roads to a barrage of hooting,
the sky so dark with clouds you thought the sane ones were those at home, dry and warm,
and that mid-Summer Tuesday afternoon when the sun was blazing, baking down on people streaming through the streets towards the nearest shade or tree or building with air-conditioning,
and noon one Friday in Spring, when an air of happiness permeated the spirit and doused every thought with pleasure, excitement and anticipation,
thinking about an evening of dancing, laughter and desire for the one you're with,
carefree, following every impulse, urge and signal absorbed under the silver moonlight of the sleeping hours,
until eventually you drifted away on a liquid cloud of satiation and the fulfilment of the dream that was yours to live that day,
how I wish for a day such as those, will they return, or has the world forever changed?


  1. The simple things we once took for granted...

  2. Some version on those days will return at some point. We are creatures of habit and our mind are programmed to adjust and just on with life whatever happens.

  3. The reversal will come. I know it and I know you know it. The thing is what will the world look like when it does? Will we be prepared for whatever it is?